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Photoview lost realism, at a lost

Question asked by Jacob Jackson on Nov 18, 2010
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Need some  opinion here from other long time photoworks users and users of photoview 360.  Been using photoworks since at least 2002-4 (if not earlier) to produce thousands of images for presentations and marketing.


so the last few projects I worked on, I tried using photoview 360 at the same time that I produce photorworks version to work my way into the new software,  each time I could not even come close to the affects of realism that I could achieve though photoworks. There seem to be a more video game look to the renderings of PV360 then that of the more realism of photoworks.


Everything seems to be dumb down, to the point its like photowork is like using word and photoview 360 is like using notepad, you can write a letter with both, but you can do more and produce better end results with other.



So please tell me I'm missing something here, I can not produce game images for customers.


is there any other software on the market we can buy that will take native solidworks file and let me produce more realism files.