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    Particle Study: where do particles end up?

    David Harrold

      I'm designing a system and need to determine where particles are likely to settle. I can view the particle trajectories, but what I really need is a way to mark the spot where a given particle reaches its end condition ( ie. absorbed, opening, max time steps, etc.)   Sorry I can't show images, the product is confidential.


      Does anyone know how to do this?

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          Bill McEachern

          It is where the track ends. If it doesn't end then it is still going. There is something on erosion but I have never used it which might provide more insight.

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            Chris Michalski

            When you setup a particle study there is a tab "Save Options" where you can indicate the various parameters you want it to record.


            I've never tried it on large models but some derivative of this should give you what you need (or at least the closest that Flow Simulation can come).  It's only a text file but you can easily manipulate that into whatever form you need.

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              Bill McEachern

              As coincidence would have it I am currently being tasked with pretty much the same analysis. Apparently there is an accumulation plot for surfaces....I have not dug into it yet but will tomorrow.

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                Rich Bayless



                since your product is confidential, it might make sense for you to set up a simple model.  Use geometry that should highlight the behaviour you are expecting.  This way you can post the model for others to test out.


                Just a thought.




                ps, as always, state your SW version and your Windows version.  Better yet, add it to your profile.

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                  David Harrold

                  Hi group,

                  First of all, thanks for all the help so far. I created a simple model to explain the type of problem I'm solving.
                  A hard drive chassis is in the enclosed workzone, which is a plenum of air. The top is vented to atmosphere, and a rectangular duct near the bottom pulls vacuum at 6
                  inch H2O. A green nozzle block is cleaning the hard drive chassis with compressed air, set to 6 ft^3/min.
                  I've introduced a particle injection on some of the hard drive surfaces, to track where particles dislodged from the drive are likely to go. I'd expect to
                  see some particles settling in the bottom of the workzone, and that's what I want to show the design team in a presentation. They are concerned about how
                  often they'll have to open the workzone for cleaning, and where cleaning will be necessary.


                  Here's the path of 10 um stainless steel particles:

                  particles, 10um, iso.jpg


                  And here's the path of 100 um stainless steel particles, side view:

                  particles, 100um, side.jpg

                  As you can see, the larger particles are going to build up on the floor of this poorly designed cleaning chamber.


                  I can track particles and chart statistics on their end conditions, but I don't know how to generate a plot of where the particles are accumulating. I'm still looking into all the suggestions so far, but haven't come up with much. Ideally I'd want to show blue dots at the end of each particle trajectory.