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OLD Space Mouse on newer SW (even Serial!)

Question asked by Nathan Naveh on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2014 by Radu Filip

For all those looking how to use OLDER Space Mouse models (including SERIAL mice) with latest SW.

As you know 3Dconnexion only support USB and with each version of SW they make you buy new mouse...

Here is how to make, for example, SERAIL Space Mouse Plus work with SW2010 (we have few working with several SW versions)

1. Download version 2.8.2 from 3DConnexion site:


2. Choose CUSTOM installtion, then install ONLY THE MAIN PROGRAM, NOT ANY ADD-IN!


3. You can check that the hardware is working by loading one of the demo games (the mouse beeps when recognized).


4. Find somewhere (yours / others / net) version 3.3.6 (doesn't seem to be on 3DConnexion site any more but used to be popular).

(Side note: We tried it also with 3.8.2 which IS STILL on 3DConnexions site, and it seems to work as well).


5. In this version ONLY INSTALL SW ADD-IN.


This was once on Google but I can't seem to find it anymore.

Tested and works so well, that we keep it for any version. Here it is on SW2011 XP-32 (see the dates):




This trick also works with USB Space Mouse (also not supported anymore...) On Win 7-64 with all versions of SW.