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SolidWorks wants to know: what fuels your drive to design?

Discussion created by Matthew West Employee on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2010 by Charles Culp

The team here at SolidWorks has launched a new website, which we’re calling “The Drive to Design.” This site revolves around a new video we've created that goes through the life of a fictional engineer, from childhood to adulthood, and shows some of the steps that lead him to his vocation.You can watch it here:



As part of the experience, we’re also inviting you to share your own story, and tell the world why you became a designer. There are already a handful of videos that were submitted by people here at SolidWorks. You can also download the files for one of the projects shown in the video and tell us how you’d make it better, or even submit ideas for your own design dreams.


So visit the site and take a look. If you like it, please think about submitting your own video and design ideas.