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    Link Data Card to Title Block



      I am creating a sheet format in SolidWorks that should grab information that is added to the Data Card.


      For example:


      A draftsman would create the drawing and leave fields like "Approved By" and "Checked By" blank.
      An engineer would then check and approve the drawings, input his initials in the Checked By/ Approved By data card fields, and then these would automatically update in the drawing.


      Can someone enlighten me on how to do this, or point me to the relevant help files? I can't find anything on this.

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          Devon Sowell

          Hello Michael-


          Search for Variable Mapping in the Administration Guide, page 334 in the 2010 version.


          Devon Sowell


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              Tor Iveroth

              ...And once you have set up the Variables with a SolidWorks custom property mapping so that the EPDM data card values show up in the custom properties of the drawing - you need to add drawing title block annotations to your sheet format that links to the drawing custom propertye (i.e. $PRP links).  Check SolidWorks help, Search, search for $prp, read the chapter called "Link to property"


              -Tor Iveroth, SolidWorks tech support

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                  Thanks for the replies.
                  Do you have a link for this administration guide? I've found something on solidworks.com, but it only has around 100 pages.


                  Tor: I've got the $PRP links down, and I've got the custom properties set up in my data card. For instance, the Approved By field is connected to the following attribute: CustomProperty : ApprovedBy (*.slddrw, *.sldasm, *.sldprt, *.dwg). What I am wondering is how to get this ApprovedBy property to appear in my list of custom properties in an actual drawing. I have attempted to just manually insert it into my custom properties, but ApprovedBy won't stay in my custom properties list unless I give it a Value / Text Expression. I do not want to do this, since obviously I want this to just fill in from the data card.

                  Any thoughts?

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                      Tor Iveroth

                      Michael - you can get to the administration guide by opening your EPDM administration tool and select Help > Administration guide.


                      If the custom property do not exist in the drawing file - adding a value to the card (or via workflow action etc) will create it.   So you do not need to have the values pre-created  - but perhaps you need to create a dummy value temporarily when you define your drawing template in order to insert it.



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                          That is what I suspected. In my sheet format I have $PRP:"ApprovedBy" in my approved by column, and it shows up as blank since there is currently no value in the card. I will hopefully submit a test file to the vault and have it go through the approval process within the next few days to make sure everything is working as intended.

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                      is there such a thing as special carrots in sw 2008

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                      Faur Arama

                      Here are some steps:

                      1. assign variable "Approved by " to sld.. files;

                      2. in file templates add this property, also add in sheet format ($PRP...)

                      3. in specific file data card make a field assigned to this variable and make it read only;

                      4. on transition action make the variable "Approved by" equal to user name.


                      I hope this is what you are looking for.

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                          Joel Magnuson

                          See attached to emphasize what Faur Arama said.


                          The EngineringApproval variable comes form the drawing sheet (using $PRP:"EngineeringApproval").  Unfortunately those properties disappear after it matches.  To edit, move, or align correctly, I usually add an extra "$" in front of it so it reads $$PRP:"EngineeringApproval" and when I get it aligned perfectly, I'll remove a "$" symbol.  This is using SW 2010 WinXP.  It shows up differently in Win 7.


                          The other properties come from the part inserted to the sheet (using $PRPSHEET:{Number} for example).


                          All block tolerances are also custom properties so they can easily be changed in the custom properties tab using the custom properties tab builder.