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Bill of Material tab not always displaying bom???

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Nov 17, 2010

Having some issues with the Bill of Materials tab.  Not all assy or drawings will display information and buttons greyed out then.  Is there a trick to getting the bom info to display?  On some assy or drawings I can select on the bill of materials tab, toggle between different bom types and see the desired info.  Other times when I select an assy and drawing, no display and buttons greyed out.


Additionally, trying to set up other users to see boms but theirs never displays and all buttons greyed out.  I go into the Admin, open the Bill of Material editor, select the user from list and select the appropriate rights.  Not able to get additional users to see bom info.  Going back to Admin, all previous selections are as selected earlier.


Any suggestions or help is appreciated.


Using EPDM 2008.


Thanks, Tim...