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Show surface intersection in Section View with Curves

Question asked by James Pare on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by James Pare

The abilty to cut sections through single sided surface parts:

SolidWorks does not section single sided surface geometry in a 2d section view . My issue is that we design around our customer supplied surface / solid geometry part, which comes from the top level automobile companies. Most of the time we receive single sided surface geometry, this ends up being a big issue when I am required to make my 2D concept. Our customers require seeing sections of the tool we will build against their part data. But Solidworks cannot or will not cut a 2d section through surface data. this is a very elementary application. All I want to see is curves or lines in the section view where the section cuts intersects with the surface. Mechanical desktop could create curves from sections through surfaces 10 years ago. So I must waste hours & hours either trying to thicken complex surface geometry or create intersection curves in 3d sketches to be shown in the 2d drawings. The technology is there, SWX can cut a surface in 3d space, why not in 2d space?