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    Dims at different z elevations after saving as DWG


      I know of no solution (don't export much dwg) but please keep us all posted with what you find out. (Sounds like a bug to me) I am not sure why anyone would want anything in a Z direction when exporting to dwg/dxf. What did your VAR say?

      Ken Maren
      Muderlak Design
        • Dims at different z elevations after saving as DWG
          When I save a SolidWorks drawings as a .dwg file and then open it in AutoCAD, the dimensions are at a different elevation (z direction) than the rest of the drawing. This wouldn't be a problem except that when text is not at elevation 0 in AutoCAD, it appears and prints thicker than the rest of the drawing. Most dimensions are only slightly off elevation 0 (less than 0.00000000), but ordinate dimensions are off by about .02. As a result, all the dimensions have thicker font, which makes the drawing look unprofessional.
          I know that I can change the elevation of all the dimensions to 0 in AutoCAD, but that causes the ordinate dimensions to jump around, and would cause a lot of extra work to place them properly again.
          Does anyone know of a way to force SolidWorks to place everything at elevation 0 when saving a drawing as a .dwg file? Or of a way to change the elevation of dimensions in AutoCAD without losing their x,y placement? (I use <Change>, <All>, <Properties>, <Elev>, <0>.) Thanks.
          • Dims at different z elevations after saving as DWG

            Thanks for your response. Unfortunately the company I work for is off subscription right now, so I don't have access to a VAR. I will let you know if I find anything out, though.