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Multiple bodies - sketch driven Extrusions - Pics inside.

Question asked by Joseph Ankers on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2010 by Joseph Ankers

Ok so ive had some excellent help of this forum over the last few weeks. im hoping its not going to stop here!

See Fig 1.


A sketch split into 3 bodies, i can extrude from this 3 separate part bodies in a number of ways (for example)


1, to make a extrusion using a "area"


2, a derived sketch  using convert entities then use the sketch of that to make the extrusions


there are also a few other ways.




so basically i end up with 3 bodies driven by the top sketch - see fig 2.


Now i can change the shape of these see fig 3


which works fine


but if i change any of the lines see fig 4


then fig 5 happens.


anyone got any solution to this?


i have one "work around" but im hoping someone has an actual solution.


thanks Joe.