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    Detail Views looking Fuzzy

    Jay Johnson

      I had to redo a couple of detail views on a drawing and now those views look fuzzy. What could cause this? And how do I fix it?

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          Scott McFadden


          I have had this on a couple of drawings when I zoom in and out, but the screen usually snaps

          back to normal like almost instantly.

          Did this just start happening?  Does it do it to mre then just this drawing?

          Have you tried restarting your computer?

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              Jay Johnson

              I was working on this drawing and realized I had it named incorrectly. So I saved it as a new drawing number and then renamed the assembly model I was working with also to match. I then deleted the old models, since they were incorrect. Now when I open the drawing those two view are fuzzy and at first all the views were fuzzy. I closed and opened the drawing and thought it was fixed when the views cleared up. But those two views were still fuzzy. Could it be looking for the old model to reference to? 

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              Wayne Tiffany

              Views can get set to draft mode if the drawing is rebuilding views and you do a save.  You can get the prompt asking if you want to save some views as draft mode - I always click the X in the corner of the dialog which forces it to finish resolving the views.  If you say yes, it will save some views as draft mode.