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Vault Error 210

Question asked by Emil Tietje on Nov 16, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2012 by Anjani Ojha

We are using PDMWorkGorups 2010 for drawing control.  There are 4 levels of control:


Preliminary design:  Number revs are using to track the changes to the drawing (primary revision).  These drawings are used in engineering only and not issued or controlled.


Design review:  Number revs are used or tracking (primary revision).  The drawings are used in engeering only.  Once a drawing is at this level, it cannot go back to preliminary design


Issue:  The revision are -,A,B. etc (secondary revision)  These are controlled drawings and issued to the general public.


InRevision:   The drawings are being revised and are working copies.  There is a "+" after the revision letter.  When checking in this drawing we get the following error:




The revision level for the selected lifecycle status in invalid.  Failed on check in of document.


Any suggests on what I should look for to correct this error.


Thanks David Tg