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Electronic cooling module

Question asked by Brian Park on Nov 16, 2010

I use Flow simulation for electronics cooling studies maybe 2-3 times a year. It's been fairly useful but there's always been something that needed a work around or simplification - no heat pipes, limited TEC capability, that sort of thing. Pretty limiting considering how expensive it is to buy, and a horrendous support cost. Today I get an email from S/W offering an electronics module add on that provides just these kind of features, but at a list price of $3995 with an additional $1119 for subscription cost. That's almost as much as basic Solidworks! (ok there is a special offer, but still way too expensive). How could I ever justify this cost to my manager?


Considering the paucity of improvements in Flow Simulation over the past three years, I find this kind of pricing exploitive and negative. These are features that should have been incorporated into the base product years ago as part of the subscription cost. This is just terrible marketing. How many copies do they think they will sell?


So I'll live with my last version of 2010 and drop the sub. Just not worth it. Goodbye.