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Should I be performing a Non-linear analysis?

Question asked by Sean Leo on Nov 16, 2010
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I am trying to study an assembly containing both copper and rubber materials. I am particularly interested in a rubber/rubber interface that I have set up as a shrink fit contact set. I want to see if this interface will open under loading.


So far I have been performing linear static studies. Most times I receive the large displacement popup and the results are not representative of what occurs in the real world (the interface opening under no load other than gravity). I think I am restraining the model enough. I noticed that SolidWorks simulation does not allow users to input coefficients of friction greater than 1, rubber/rubber interface probably has a coefficient of friction in excess of 1.


Does the fact that I have rubber materials dictate that I must use a non-linear static analysis? I am currently running SolidWorks simulation professional, if I need to perform a non-linear static anlysis will I need to upgrade to Simulation Premium? Additionally would anyone happen to know a ballpark figure for a rubber on rubber coefficient of static friction?


Thank you.