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Flat Pattern Disappears in Feature Tree

Question asked by 1-RKQUKS on Nov 16, 2010
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I have a design which has issues just as I have finished the part. I believe that the issues began once I tried to make drawing from part.


Anyway. The feature tree has disappeared from the feature tree but the sheet metal, flattern bend and process bends still remains.

The part can still be flattened using the flat pattern feature on the sheet metal toolbar.


Strangely if a drawing is created for the part, the flat pattern configuration is automatically configured and the flat pattern only exist with this configuration and not disappears in the main configuration. Although it may exist the flat pattern contains rebuild issues. But yet there is nothing wrong within the tree.


My colleauges believe that it is a glitch within SW.

I am running SW2010 3.1


Any feedback is welcome as I would hate to have to rebuild the part.


Kind regards





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