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    Forming Shoulders

    Eli Young

      Is there a good way to create Forming Shoulder using SolidWorks? See link below for description of the design of Forming Shoulders.



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          Jerry Steiger



          It looked like I was going to have to pay to download the article, so I didn't bother to register. Could you give us your own description?


          Jerry Steiger

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            Robert Stupplebeen

            If you want an accurate model of the geometry a difficult FEA simulation is in your future.  The guys at Tetra Pak use Abaqus to model this.  They have presented several times at the Simulia Customer Conference.  I tried to find their presentation online with little luck.  You may be able to contact the presenter of the paper "Origami with Abaqus", Alberto Mameli, Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions.

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              Alfred Geahchan

              Hello Eli,

              Did you find a solution for your questions?

              I’m in the same field of questions that you have asked, about how to draw the forming bag for a packaging machine via solidworks,

              This should be in 2 parts

              1- Outside SW calculation preparing the exactly dimension (the curve)

              2- Inside the SW drawing sheet metal then folding