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Managing and exporting drawing packs for vendors?

Question asked by Rob Falkenhayn on Nov 14, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2010 by Rob Falkenhayn

Just purchased SW Pro 2011 and since this is my first exposure to Workgroup PDM, I'm wondering if there's an easy way to handle this situation below.


I have a rather large assembly consisting of hundreds of sub assemblies each one with a drawing.  They will all be fabricated by a 3rd party and as such, we must provide an organized, easy-to-understand drawing pack to avoid costly mistakes.


Without an ERP system, how do you pluck the proper drawings for the Top-Level we want to have built?  There are hundreds of drawings we dont want so we can't just send them all.

  1. If we keep a directory for each project or Top-Level then it makes part re-use a bit tricky in that you either have duplicates or have to do some searching.
  2. Another option is just to look at the BOM and pluck each drawing out of the repository by hand.  Uggg, that sounds painful.
  3. The ideal solution is that I somehow select the level that I want to export drawings for and POOF, they appear in some special directory. I'm guessing the fancy ERP systems do this but we don't have one.
  4. Use Pack and Go to export all parts and drawings of the level we want.  Delete the parts and convert the drawings to PDFs via the scheduler.  This isn't a great solution due to the time required.  It can complicate our revision process if we start keeping these exports in folders.  Further, if we need to also export DXF's for flat patterns, it is even more cumbersome.


Is there some low cost software that will help manage this?  Maybe we could write a macro for excel or something?  As a consultant, I work with many different (small) companies, different part numbering, different or no ERP integration, etc.  In most cases, I end up managing their drawings for them and I need to make it as efficient as possible.


Thanks in advance.  Rob.