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North Texas Renewable Energy Group Notes

Discussion created by Thomas Allsup on Nov 13, 2010
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I attended an interesting meeting this morning (that I thought might be interesting to the group):


North Texas Renewable Energy Group

`Valley Ranch Library, Irving

401 Cimarron Trail


Darius Tasario - CEO Helios Electric -


There were 18 people -it was a  very interactive audience.

Parallel Hybrid - gas and electric engine and either drive the wheels

Conversions - about 4000 on streets in America now - about $30k to make conversion - just lots of torquecompared with a gas enginer.

Series Hybrid - gas and electric engine but only the electric drive the wheels

Average: 250 Watt hours per mile for electrical vehicles

Average: 150 Watt hours per mile for solar energy vehicle (60 square feet of cells)

Lithum batteries charges 3000 times - Lead batteries charges 600 times

Charge station - 30 minutes fast charge - 4 or 5 in Dallas - newest one is at Half Priced Books on Northwest Highway - there will be 100 in Dallas by June ("Ego energy" as part of the economical stimulus package)

Electric Vehicles are limited to 600 Volts (anything higher requires a lot of safety per NEC Code)

AC Drives are more efficient since higher voltage and easily allows regeneration

Fuel cells / super capacitors -> next technologies are on the way.

Corvettes make a good conversion - size - aerodynamics - parts readily available

Air conditioners are only 500 Watts, heaters are 1kW to 2kW

Solar cars less than 600 pounds to travel 60 to 80 MPH

The North Texas Electric Car Club was mentioned (Brian was noted as very helpful)