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    EPDM and Windows 7

      I just purchased a new laptop with Windows 7.  We are running SW2010 SP4 and EPDM 2009 9.4 B1144.  The issue that I'm having is that the folder tree in Windows Explorer doesn't update correctly.  There are old folders that populate and I can't seem to get rid of them.  If you click on them you get a message stating that it couldn't find the folder.  Any way to force a refresh of the folder tree on the left side of the screen?  I'm getting tired of navigating the folders with the links in the address bar.  This is within the vault tree.  It updates correctly on local folders, just not the folders in the vault.  Sorry if this has already been addressed, I searched and couldn't find anything.

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          Tim Hawkey

          Hmm, your version of SW is ahead of your version of EPDM? Our VAR said that was an absolute no-no

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              That's never been a problem in previous versions.  We have always been told as long as PDM isn't ahead of SW then there shouldn't be any issues.  We have plans to update EPDM in the next 3+ months but I was hoping for a work-around until then.

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                  Corey Vantilborg



                     I actually think that your using a newer SW is not a problem, the only place this will cause a problem is the SEPDM Add-In, which may not function correctly.


                     However I suspect Windows 7 and SEPDM 2009 is more of an issue.   Looking at the release notes , it looks like 2009 only officially supported Vista not Win7.  I would look there for the issue.  We use SEPDM 2010 SP3.0 with Win7 with no problems(at least not ones caused by incompatiblities).


                  Corey Vantilborg

                  Tigercat Industries

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                      Tor Iveroth

                      Windows 7 support was officially introduced in Enterprise PDM 2010 SP1  - older versions will likely have problems with the "updated" explorer interface that Windows 7 introduced.  It is recommended that you upgrade to 2010 if you plan on using Windows 7 systems with EPDM.


                      The "local folder" problem in the tree is likely from creating them via a project template?  That was a known Windows 7 issue addressed in EPDM 2010 SP3.


                      And when it comes to SW vs Enterprise version support  - the Enterprise SolidWorks add-in (that runs inside SW) is the one likely to give problems if you run a newer SolidWorks version with an older Enterprise version (i.e. SW 2010 with EPDM 2009).  EPDM officially supports matching SolidWorks version and 2 versions back for add-in support.  So if you use SolidWorks 2010, you should use Enterprise 2010.   Same applies to SW 2011 where you should use Enterprise 2011.


                      -Tor Iveroth, SolidWorks tech support

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                  Thomas Huemann

                  I know the last December when I tried to install PDM with SW2010 SP0, there was a bug and PDM would not run on my Window 7 machine. Since your running a 2009 version, it very well be the PDM software thats causing the problem.

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                      Tom Cote

                      I have been told that EPDM 2009 is NOT supported on Win7 at all.  With that said I had to try it anyway and we do have 5 seats in our MA office and 6 in my MN facility that are running EPDM 2009 on Win7 machines with limited success.  It is a little more crash-prone but we are tolerating it knowing that we will be upgrading EPDM soon.