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Cylindrical Texture Mapping Bug

Question asked by Bilal Junaid on Nov 11, 2010
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I am just experimenting with the texture mapping in SolidWorks and this strange problem keeps coming up with Cylindrical texture mapping. I am currently writing code which takes the texture projection vectors from solidworks and computes uv cooridnates from them, and I am just having a lot of trouble with the SW user interface.


If I have a cylinder, and I drag the checkered texture onto it from the appearance->texture tab, and then I go to the Advanced options and choose "Selected Reference as axis direction", I get a strange line in the middle which cuts the texture. Also, my projection vectors are the same, so why has the texture moved over to the left by around 90 degrees.


Secondly, whenever I select an option for Axis Direction, and I press the check button, and then I go to view that texture's options again, the Axis Direction does not show any value, and it has the 'Selected Entities' box, which should only be there if I choose the "Selected References" option. This happens if I choose, XY, ZX or anything else.


My most important problem right now is that bar that cuts across the texture and why it appears there after I choose 'Selected Reference" and then stays there regardless of what Axis Direction I choose.


I have attached the .sldprt file. You will see the texture as it is shown in the image file I attached in the "Before" image. If you click "Selected Refernece" you will see the texture turn into the "After" image.