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    Missing mmodules0.cab // SolidWorks 2010 x32

      Hello, I have a problem with installation SolidWorks from Academy (Westpomeranian University of Technology in Stetin).

      Still instalator can not use mmodules0.cab.

      I tryied to copy all dvd data on hard drive and, I set permission of full acces of any node in dvd data structure dir, and of course on mmodules0.cab.

      I have Windows 7 (Polish language) for CPU x32. And SolidWorks x32.

      In addition I tryied to run installator as administrator, and switch betwen compatibility mode (from xp to vista), and still this one error.

      Exist any path for this problem?

      If I will register and I will download Education Version from solidworks page, then I will able to use serial from my teacher ? In the past, when I instaled version from www I has not morule to rendering (I am student of Design and this is important for me).


      Please help me with this problem.