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    Edge Gap is Larger than the specified tolerance?

    James Denney

      I get this failure message on several of the components in my assembly whenever I try to mesh. What's odd is these parts meshed fine in a previous iteration of the assembly. I recently made a few minor additions of components, and suddenly can't seem to mesh the assembly successfully like I did previously. Any ideas to what might cause the sudden inability of the assembly to mesh?

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          Ryan Werner

          Hi James,


          Meshing can be pretty hit and miss sometimes.  Have you tried adjusting your mesh settings a little, particularly the tolerance setting?  Sometimes adding new components changes the mesh just enough to make other non-related parts fail.  Also, do you have Remesh failed parts with incompatible mesh turned on?  This will usually get parts in an assembly to mesh so long as you are not overly concerned with any results around the connections with those failing parts.


          Ryan W.