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3D Sketch Blocks... ????

Question asked by Jeff Radke on Nov 11, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2010 by Dale Dunn

I work with a lot of in-context designed parts, exhaust systems mainly. Many times I'll have a master assembly to work from, (often times created with other 3D Cad software, so it'll usually be an iges or parasolid model). What I do then, is create a 3D sketch for my exhaust system path, and once I have a satisfactory 3D sketch, that will become my "master sketch" for creating all the components of the exhaust system. Now to my question:


Why can I not create a 3D sketch block???? Please Solidworks, I would think that 3D sketch blocks would have been implemented by now! 3D is what you do!!! I would like to copy my "master sketch" and drop it into a new part, and then be able to align certain segments or important features to the existing planes or origin. That would make life quite a bit simpler when I get to detailing these parts, or sending them out for tooling or fixturing. I know I can create new planes, and new origins and all, but it would make things so much easier and cleaner if I could just move that 3D sketch around as a block.


Does anyone have a good method, or suggestions, as to how I can manipulate the 3D sketch as a "block"?