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Animation Toolbar not appearing

Question asked by 1-UHRJPK on Nov 11, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by Josh Mayes

I try to create an exploded assembly by using the exploded feature.  This feature does its job well and the parts collapse in the proper manner.  However, when I try to animate the collapse by right clicking on the exploded feature in the configurations tab, it performs the animation and gets stuck.  Supposedly I am supposed to see an Animation Toolbar appear, but no extra toolbar appears.  I cannot switch to another configuration and If I click escape, it gives me an error saying that "The current operation cannot be interrupted or the document is not accesible at this time.  Most items of the menus are grayed out and inaccesible.  There is no Animation toolbar on the toolbars menu.  The only way to stop Solidworks is to crash it, but all work is lost.  How can I get the animation toolbar to show?