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    Simulation Express

    Gerhard Hieronymus

      When using simulation express, my simulations almost always fail...for example I will create a simple weldment like a c-channel, fix one end of it and then apply a force to the bottom flange and it will fail.  Can anyone tell me what some of the reasons might be?  Also, are there any tricks to applying force or pressure to a particular area of a surface as opposed to the entire surface uniformly.   

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          Ryan Werner

          Hi Gerhard,


          Are you getting any error messages when it fails?  Is it getting through the meshing stage? 


          As far as adding a force or pressure to a particular location probably the easiest way is to create a Split Line on the surface in question.  Once you have create a line or new area on the original surface you can choose that to add your load to.


          Ryan W.

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            Keith Parker

            Hi Gerhard (again)


            As far as applying force/pressure/etc to regions of a surface, use <Insert/Curve/Split Line> to create such a region on the desired surface (simple circle example image attached).  This creates a new face and you can then apply force/pressure/etc to this new face.


            Later...    I just did a really quick Sim Express study and it failed!  I hadn't saved the simple part that I'd created.  I then saved it and it ran ok.  Is it that simple?  I'll do another trial (i.e. no save then run) and let you know.


            Later still...  I did another simple Sim Express study and it worked ok first time without saving.  What is your experience with this?  Can you re-run the study and get it to work or can you never get it to run?  You using 2011 or 2010 for this?  I'm using 2010 SP4.0 Premium.

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              Gerhard Hieronymus

              I've managed to create sub surfaces as you've explained (thank you), but all of the simulations continue to fail.  Saving does not seem to help.  I don't believe the simulations are getting past the meshing as they all seem to fail at around 32% completion.

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                Mark Kaiser

                Here's my 2 cents... simulation xpress is just flaky sometimes.   I've gone as far as renaming my reg files, starting sw again, and sometimes that still doesn't fix it.  Sometimes it runs, sometimes not.  I could never nail down whey, not repeatable.  Even with a simple cube, I couldn't get sim express to run, sometimes...

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                  Ameer Chilakala



                  while running the Simulation express it will save the results in the temp folder.

                  see the Fig.1 in the word document, did u have write access permission to temp folder?.

                  if yes, then it will work fine.


                  If not, change the result location to new location i.e. where the part is saved, see the Fig.2 in the word document.


                  after completing the results, save the model and close. If you open the model, once you click the simulationXpress module, it will automatically load the results.


                  Try above option i.e. changing the working directory. It may help. i tried in 2010 and 2011  module. it worked fine.


                  Thanks & regards,