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Save as DXF/DWG frustation

Question asked by Michael Duncan on Nov 11, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2010 by Michael Duncan

I have tried to love the new way of saving to DXF/DWG in SW2010 and I can see some of the advantages for the occasionally sheetmetal user to remove entities/Bend lines etc but it is SLOWLY killing ME


The vast majority of my work is in SM

I know I don't want bend lines in the flat pattern

I know that my c/sinks & embosses are suppressed in the flat pattern

I don't want to realign the flat pattern


In SW2009 it was a case of Export to DXF/DWG, Rename the file removing any spaces/dashes, Save - Job done move on to the next part.

Now in SW2010 its Export to DXF/DWG,Rename the file removing any spaces/dashes, Save, Confirm the setting (Which I never change ), Wait for the next window to open to show me a view of the flat pattern and the option to remove entities ( Which I never need ARRGH), Save (Again ), And now the final kick in the teeth as I move on to the next part  Save changes.JPG WHAT CHANGES ?


As each assembly can have up to 100 SM part you can see why this is driving me daft, I would love to be able to write a macro for this but API is a foreign language to me and as I didn't have this problem in SW2009 why should I have to fix it? (Oh & the customer wants files in 2010 so I can't just use 2009 )


So this rant is basically a cry for help, does anyone have a macro/workaround to get SW2010 saving Sheetmetal to DXF without all frustration ( Batchconvert has failed when I have tried to use it )


Here endith my rant