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Automating pannel Design, Adding Extra Slots.

Question asked by Phil Shepley on Nov 10, 2010
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I am at a stage where I can't seem to work this out and would like to know if anybody can help?


I've Designed a simple Frame using Extrusion pieces and corner segments and set them up in driveworks express,

So that i can insert the size of the frame, and it will spit out a frame with the correct length extrusions etc.


I would like to extend this capabilty and use driveworks to produce the pannel's which attach to each side of the frame.

I have certain geometry which need's to stay the same, And I can do these easy by using relations etc.


But, in most of the pannels we run a series of vents allong the top and or bottom.

(usually a Slot, then pattern feature)


Is it possible to setup a relation or something simular to control the number of slots according to the width of the pannel?


For example, I would like centre the "feature(spots) then say every 50mm of width produces an extra slot, which is added to the series of slots, re-centering the series.


Does this make Sence?


Hope someone can help!


Would be great to have this setup.




Phil Shepley