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Edit Material is much less efficient in 2010

Question asked by Max Crittenden on Nov 10, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2010 by Max Crittenden

It used to be that once I specified a material for a part, that material would be added to the short list of materials that came up when I right-clicked on the material for any other part.  Thus it was relatively easy to change many parts in an assembly to the same material.


We just "upgraded" to 2010, and now the right-click list of materials never changes.  It doesn't even include 6061-T6, which is the most common material we use.  Not only that, but when I choose Edit Material to get the complete list, it takes many clicks to scroll down to the materials I really want.


It doesn't help that the first folder, Steel, is always expanded so that I have to close it or scroll past it to get to Aluminum Alloys or Plastics.  It also doesn't help that every folder contains many materials that I have never even heard of, much less used.


What genius at Solidworks decided that this change constituted progress?  Is there any way to get the materials that I commonly use into that short list that comes up when I right-click?