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Running thermal modeling on any file opened from within solidworks fails with "Data not available"

Question asked by 1-UGCPDU on Nov 9, 2010

Hi all.  I am just starting to use Solidworks as a thermal modeling tool, and the features on offer seem to be quite good.


I have however encountered a few interesting bugs...


1) If I run thermal modeling on a file opened from within solidworks itself, as opposed to via windows explorer, I get the error "Data not available" and the heat distribution is not displayed.  The only scenario which does not cause this issue is if solidworks is started by the opening of the file.  If solidworks is already running and a file is opened via windows explorer, the issue presents itself again.


2) Same issue as , suggested workaround does work, but perplexing nevertheless...


Any ideas as to where these issues may be arising from?


Thanks in advance