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Excel BOM, Inconsistent Ballooning

Question asked by Matt Krafft on Nov 9, 2010

I have a drawing that has a main drawingview that references an assembly.  I have various auxiliary views (details, sections, etc.) that reference the main drawingview.  So that I only have to change the configuration referenced bu the main view, and then all view will update.  I am also using Excel Based BOMs, so that the BOM updates when the configuration of the main drawingview is changed.  I have written some macros that then change the main view configuration, all other views and the BOM update,  I change a job number and quantity, and voila, there it goes!   In theory it works very well....


There are multiple configurations in this assembly and some parts are present on some assemblies and not on others.  Lets say that item no 5 is not present on a particular config.  I change the main view to that configuration, and if an auxiliary view is referencing item no 6 (with a balloon) that item should become item no 5 correct?  Only it does not change.  The balloons update on the main drawingview, but not on the auxiliary views.


I have made a workaround, and sent this to our VAR.  They were little help, and changed the BOM to a SW BOM and said "there we fixed it."


Has anyone else encountered this behavior, is it a known bug, is there a fix for it?