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How can I create "Search Variables" for a Search Card or exclude "working versions of files" from search results?

Question asked by Mark Lauritzen on Nov 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2011 by eric wood

I would like to create a Search Card that excludes "working versions of files" from the results. My EPDM community contains both users (Engineers) and viewers (materials, purchasing, etc.). The users need to see "working versions of files", while the viewers do not need to see the "working versions of files". I have set the folder permissions so that the various Groups can see what they need. There is however still confusion among the viewers so I created a search called “Released Data” with results only showing the File Name, Revision, Description and File Type. Since I do not know how to block the users from this search as "Viewer" is my default group, I thought that if I added a "Default Value" to the Search Card that would exclude the "working versions of files" it would take care of my problem. Therein lies the problem of HOW?


Any suggestions??