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Solidworks 2010 Service Pack Admin Image is not updating

Question asked by Larry Knight on Nov 9, 2010

I have attempted to update the Administrative Image of Solidworks 2010 Service Pack 3 to Service Pack 4 and have been unsuccessful in getting the program to install an update on the client. I downloaded the service pack 4 update, ran the installation which launched the SP 4.0 Installation Manager, I then choose the option to create an administrator image, the administration image gets created, changed the share path, but the clients do not prompt for an update. I manually browse to the folder and select the StartSWInstall.hta and it launches an SP4.0 Installation Manager, appears to detect all of the service pack 3 portions of solidworks and then closes without updating the client to service pack 4. I am fairly new to the Solidworks application, can someone please advise on a proper procedure to update the service pack 3 administration image with service pack 4.