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Projecting a point from one plane to another in sketch

Question asked by 1-T9I1KE on Nov 9, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by Ryan Werner



I am trying to project a point from one plane to another and Solidworks is not projecting as I'd expect.


Here is a simplified situation:  I have a point on my START plane.  I would like to project that point onto my DESTINATION plane


start to dest.png


When I either project a reference point, or draw a point and make it coincident on the DESTINATION plane it gives me this:


bad result.png


Solidworks is using the DESTINATION plane as the "driver".  It assumes I want the point to coincident as though I'm looking normal to the DESTINATION plane


I want it to give me a result that is driven by the START plane.  ie... I want Solidworks to project the point, NORMAL TO THE START PLANE, onto the destination plane:





Can anyone tell me what setting to change, or what process to use that will accomplish this?


Thank you very much for the help!