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Maximum speed flywheel?

Question asked by John Huijben on Nov 9, 2010
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I'm currently building a machine which has a flywheel that rotates at high rpm, and I'm trying to use a simulation study to determine if the flywheel stays intact,

I am getting results, but I don't know if these results are reliable looking at the stress distribution.


This is the flywheel, ouside diameter is 510mm, 60mm thick.

Rotating speed is 10000 rpm.

Material is plain carbon steel.




I tried doing a static study, fixture is an advanced fixture on the 2 smaller cylindrical faces. I locked these in axial and radial direction.

The load is a centrifugal force applied to the outer face, I entered 10000rpm here.





The result is a safety factor of 0,55. So I think this situation is correct.

Anybody knows if I entered everything correctly?


Thanks in advance