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    Creating blocks in SolidWorks

      Hi, if I want to create some blocks (for example, each block represents an electronic component) in SolidWorks, should I do it in a part file starting from a sketch, or in a drawing file? I tried and found out the former one is more easier to edit the blocks that I created. However, when I inserted a block into a drawing file, all dimensions appear and are very annoying.  How can I hide these dimensions and call them back when I need them? Thank you very much in advance!


      Btw, if I want to print out a sketch, how can I center it in a letterhead size paper?

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          Kelvin Lamport

          Go to Tools > Options > Document Properties > Detailing > Auto-insert on view creation and deselect Dimensions marked for drawing

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            Deepak Gupta

            Right click on the dimension in block edit mode and select hide. If you want to retrieve them, then edit the block go to View > Hide/Show Annotations and elect the dimensions you want to show (or hide).This will be applicable to every single same block i.e dimensions shown in one block will also be show in similar other block.


            For printing in center, do a zoom to fit and then print (check for print preview for any adjustments)

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                Hi Deepak, I am still trying your solution. For the printing problem, I selected the "Scale to fit" and the plot is well printed. However, in the print-out, there is a small icon (a green Y-axis and a red X-axis) at the lower left corner. Do you have any idea how to get rid of it? Thanks a lot.  li

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                David Paulson



                You should be able to create a block for use in a drawing file.  I am not sure what use it might have in SolidWorks as a part file, as these are usually created as library parts.  In my opinion, a block in a drawing file should be scalable.  There should be no dimensions attached , at least until you add them later.   A great application for blocks is with electrical wiring diagrams.  Wiring diagrams do not need dimensions.  SolidWorks is practically useless in creating wiring diagrams BTW.


                Blocks are a 2D concept that are created differently for the same effect in any 3D application.  Kelvin Lamport's suggestions may or may not work for you in your context.  Please try them and let us know because we all have issues with SW and "blocks"  in drawing 2D applications.

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                    Hi David,


                    I think you are right. I tried to create blocks in a part file (sketch mode) and a drawing file and they both work. However, the former one is easier to manipulate.

                    I have to say that SW is not a good choice for schematic diagram plotting. It is very powerful for 3D design, though. I am working on more details and will keep you posted. Thanks a lot for your help.