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"Save as..." With Contextual References

Question asked by Aaron Moncur on Nov 8, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by Jerry Steiger

I have a large-ish assembly (150 components?) that is at rev T.  At this point I'd like to start the revs over at A, but to do so I need to rename the file so there aren't redundant copies of the assembly floating around.  When I do a save as in the SW assembly, I get the following message:


There are parts that have features defined in the context of to my assembly file...if you select okay to continue this operation these features will not update in the context of the newly saved assembly.  It is highly recommended that you consider saving new versions of these parts now which will update in the context of this newly saved assembly.


Does this mean that the components with features referencing the current assembly will be broken and not update if I save the current assembly to a new assembly?  The message also recommends saving each contextual component with a different name before saving the top level assembly.  There are 150 components in here and I am not sure exactly which components reference the assembly (I didn't create the model). 


  1. Why will a new top-level assembly file name not allow contextual components to update? 
  2. Why will simply renaming all of the contextual components' file names solve this? 
  3. How can I figure out which components are contextual and need to be renamed? 
  4. Is there a quick way to do this, or do I need to manually find and rename each of these files?


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