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Solidworks 2008 - could not obtain a licence for solidworks

Question asked by ben freriechs on Nov 8, 2010
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I'm currently working as deskop support trying to install Solidworks 2008. I've installed this on other machines and it installs fine but this time I encounteed an error:-


could not obtain a licence for solidworks. Cannot connect to licenceserver (-15,10,10061)


We use an authentification server brnas03 port 25734 to authenticate solidworks licences.

I've tried going into Solidnetwork Licence Administrator to manually configure settings but it defaults to 7585@brnas03 which should be 25734@brnas03. I've tried to remove 7585 and add 25734 but the setting will not save. can anybody offer some advise on how to get around this. is there a registry key i can edit?