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To Knit or not to Knit?

Discussion created by Matthew Perez on Nov 8, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2010 by Matthew Perez

Ive noticed that knit with gap control seems to be a "heavy" feature.  On larger surfacing projects I like to knit bodies together for various reasons(selectable edges for one) so sometimes I end up with a lot of knit features which weigh on the models.  Because of this I have found that its better to get to a good "moving on" point and Insert Body into New Part to start with other detailed features.  I dont really feel like this is a good method but it works and doesnt drag on rebuild times.  I know how certain things like sketch fillets vs feature fillets or featured patterns vs sketch patterns differ in terms of stability and updates, but ive never seen the same type of discussion covered for things like knitting surfaces, multiple trims then knit, vs mutual trim and so on.  So id like to open up the "floor" to see if you guys have run across and tips or tricks that have increased your productivity when dealing with these large surface models(600-1000+ features).  Now in a lot of cases its not neccessary to knit the surfaces but i would rather take (lets say) a car as one body then break it back down into its parts(after i have inserted it into a new part file).  I am approaching the current model im working on in a different manner that didnt seem to work which is why I am thinking of other methods.


What better place to ask