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Intermittent Blank/Missing Drawing Views Using Convert to PDF/DXF Tasks

Question asked by Nick Kamenszky on Nov 8, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by Joyane Raynauld

Hello folks,


I'm experienceing an intermittent problem when using the PDF and DXF convert tasks in EPDM where some or all drawing views are missing or blank. On these missing views I can see dimensions and notes, but the actual part views are blank. I've tried everything to mitigate this, but I'm finally at a loss and can't pinpoint the reason this happens. The error seems to ocurr randomly with a good percentage of our drawings, even though the actual SLDDRW files are in good working order (re-built, properly referenced, not-lightweight, etc.).


Any insight on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated as this problem is becoming quite a nuissance and costing us a great deal of time and effort.


Thanks in advance.