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      Ok so I am having a difficult time.  Any help would be appreciated.

      I created a title block drawing in solid works.  I then saved it to auto cad.  On my computer it looks perfect in AutoCAD.  Just like I was looking at it from solid works.  However when I send it to other people they are getting a message saying that it is corrupt and shows it to be created in solid works.  When I open it from a computer that does not have solid work on it it opens fine, but the text is completely off.


      I have no idea what is going on.

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Scott McFadden


          What file format did you save it out of Solidworks as?  .dxf or dwg?


          Can you post your file?

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            The corrupt message is a false error that pops up since AutoCAD 2007 or so about any *.DWG that is produced by a non-Autodesk product.  Basically saying AutoCAD can't verify the file source so it `may' be corrupt.  It can safely be ignored.  If you really want to make it go away sending the file through a DWG --> DXF --> DWG round trip with a current AutoCAD might do the trick.


            For the text misallignment, change the all the fonts in your SolidWorks drawing to use the SW***** fonts instead of the default true type fonts.  Your SolidWorks install includes a set of true type font equivalents for the standard AutoCAD *.shx fonts, and they all have a SW prefix.  I think SWRomns and SWTxt work best.

            Using the *.shx font equivalents should give a better match when the DWG is opened on a station with AutoCAD but no SolidWorks installed.

            You might consider SWMono for revision blocks or bom tables entries to help force the character spacing to be consistent from when you save the file to how it appears when a purely AutoCAD user opens it.

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                Ok I tried the  DWG --> DXF --> DWG but no luck

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                    Scott McFadden

                    I opened up the Solidworks file with no issue and I am running 2010 SP4 64 bit and Autocad 2010.


                    The Autocad file, that is a different sorry.  I got 2 error messages.



                    to which I selected continue opening.


                    the second,


                    I said ignore, then it came up fine.  Othere then in both cases some text over lapping or under construction lines

                    the file was fine.  I resaved the Autocad file and attached it.  Don't know how or if this helps you.

                    It may come down to an incompatibility issue.  Try when you save out the Autocad file selecting options

                    and changing the version you save it out as.