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    Aravind Naik

      Hi Pals,

                   There is an issue in enterprise pdm like I am the PDM admin and there r some files though i login in as admin


        1.am unable to delete those files .

        2.The files which i have deleted and destroyed still the message pops up like files dont have a unique name.



      In 2009 i had put an assembly containig 150 odd files .For some reason i had done 'pack and go' the whole assembly from the vault yesterday.Now i wanna delete the files inside the vault and put back the same assembly once again inside the vault.When i was doing this exercise the above two problems have occured.Plz help me out.....

          Dennis Hvam

          Hi mate,


          Have you checked your folder/workflow rights, even though you are admin you don't ALWAYS by default have access to delete and destory files. Are you using the default admin account?


          Can you cut and paste the files somewhere outside the PDM vault?


          Can you move the files to a different folder inside the vault?