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importing .fld file into simulation

Question asked by Ryan Simons on Nov 5, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2010 by Bill McEachern

I have a question about the transfer of the mesh from flow simulation into a static study simulation.


When pressure effects are imported into a static study from Flow Simulation, how are they plotted?


What i mean is, since one mesh is created in flow simulation and then another mesh is created in simulation, how does the distribution of pressure using the flow mesh translate to the elements of the static study simulation mesh?  The polygons are not the same.


Does the .fld file contain information about the mesh from flow simulation and then the static study simulation interpolates the .fld file mesh info into the study?


I ask because our customer does not understand how we can import CFD analysis results straight into FEA if we have to re-create a mesh in simulation.


Thanks for any help.