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    1-UP Mushroom: my first solo surfacing model

    Paul Marsman

      so I've been daveling in surfacing recently to expand my brain and try new stuff.  I've been going through Perez's camaro tutorial, reading Lombard's blog on surfacing, going through many other models/presentations/references/tutorials found here on the forum. (soap,ipods,iphones,razors,etc)


      so after getting many general ideas on different techniques I've decided to try my own hand at something I haven't seen done before and see how it goes.  here's the result.

      1UP screen shot.PNG

      I've also attached the model.  I know there are some small curvature issues on the back and front down the centerline, but what do you want?  Any comments/critiques welcome.  I'm going to do a couple fun things and do some renders in the future.

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          David Denwalt

          Very cool, Paul. I and my 7 year old son do Mario Super Galaxy 1 and 2. We are big Mario fans. i will show him your model. I would like to teach myself surfacing, I follow some of the posts on it. I just have to work on time to do it. Anyway, this looks great to me, Thanks.

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            Robert Stupplebeen

            Really cool idea for a first surfacing model and great job on it.  I think that you could have avoided the curvature issues and the resulting mohawk by changing the first boundary surface.  It has 2 sides and boundary surfaces typically like 4.  Fills seem to work better than any other surface feature if there isn't 4 sides.  Really cool way to get the spots.  It took a couple to figure out how you did it with only 1 split line.  Attached is a quick PhotoView360 render.  Nice work!


            Rob Stupplebeen


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              Robert Stupplebeen

              Well I could not get the image of a 1-UP with a mohawk out of my head.  I just did a Split line and a Freeform.1-UP-Mohawk.JPG

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                Daniel Melendez

                Nice Paul I need to ge on the band wagon too. Thanks, Daniel

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                  Matthew Perez

                  Good job Paul!  thats pretty good


                  I went in a modified your split line and your boundary surface a bit.  I took out 100mm from the middle where you had the ridge between the surfaces.  Then i changed your boundary end conditions from curvature to tangent.  Ive also uploaded a sample file to show you the difference between the two.  There are 3 surfaces.  A base boundary surface i created to drive the other two.  The blue one has curvature end condition and the red one has tangency.  You can see a slight difference.  Now edit the first boundary surface and change Sketch2 Tangent length from 2 to some other number and you will start to see more of a difference.  Using curvature will carry the radius of curvature from one surface to the other.  In the case of your mushroom a tangency between the two will give a much nicer smooth surface.

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                      Paul Marsman

                      Thanks guys, glad you liked it.  I thought it would be a fun way to start (I too like all things Mario... now there would be a fun surfacing project, the Mario Kart Wii cover)

                      Yeah, that mohawk section was about the only thing I couldn't get to be the way I wanted (seemed to have a little bit of a ripple no matter what I did).  I thought when I started the eyes were going to be a pain to get just the right reflections and look to, but they were relatively painless.  I guess I should have thought to make a larger atomic bomb.


                      Really my first couple attempts went through trying to create the entire half in one shot... obviously not something that worked well if at all.  Then I got to the multiple surfaces and then kept getting that mohawk and decided I'll just blow it out and make a new surface and that was good enough.


                      the other stuff I want to try is to imitate this look of a flourecent glow:

                      blue glow.PNG

                      or these lights:


                      I think the lights would be pretty easy, just have to find time to play.