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Question asked by David Mclellan on Nov 5, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by Ralph Wright

To all,


I have been using SolidWorks for almost a year now, having started using AutoDesk Inventor. I am largley self taught, although I do read a lot of blogs on this forum, try the in built tutorials and i have attended a few freebie seminars. I think the best way to describe my ability would be to say that 'I get by'.  


The thing is: I have been tasked with a very important project at work, and my limited/medium ability on SW is holding me back. I know i will get there it just seems to take forever. I know if my ability on SW was better then i would help myself and my company greatly!


I am very envious of some of the 'major players' posts on this forum and i would love to be able to use the system to the full of its abilities. I love to read up on some of the models/assemblies and simulations that people have created and often try to replicate certain features into my own work. Even small tips can be picked up from the manner in which a sketch was created or in the methods used to create assemblies. Unfortunately time is very scarce and anything that needs dong normally needs doing very quickly!


My question to you all is this:


What would be the best way for me to learn the best methods to create complex assemblies, detail sketches quicker and easier and simulate interpretations of real life models and situations?...


I could spend a lifteime reading posts and books but like i say time is very critical. I have considered goin on Solidowrks courses, courtesy of my employer, but these all last 2-5 days and i really cant spare that sort of tim just now.I have also read that these courses are good but it is hard to remember everythig that you are taught.


Therefore i have also thoought about Solid Professor, but once again would it teach me what i need toknow in a short enough time?


I am willing to spend my own time learning SW as this is what i have been doing, i just need pointning in the right direction


I appreciate any feedback, and thanks in advance!