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Thermal Transient model

Question asked by 1-UDA1QQ on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2010 by Regis WACHEUX

I am trying to do a transient thermal analysis of a skateboard truck. One of the thermal loads that I need to apply is an initial temperature. After applying all of the loads, in what appears to be a successful manner, I click run. At this time the model is meshed and the simulation begins. However, after getting past the successful mesh stage, there is a warning stating that the temperature load has failed. According to the help menu, when there is no temperature load in place the default temperature is 0 K. This is evident once the results are processed. The maximum temperature of the model never breaks 200 K, which, quite obviously is incorrect. I'm not sure why the temperature load fails, since there is no error message of any kind just a failure message. CAE said to contact the network administrator which appears to be you. I'm not sure if it is an improper application of other thermal loads that interferes with this or not, however it may be some files that didn't get installed or something. At this time I am purely speculating. What is the cause of this error?