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Camera from SW to Photview 360

Question asked by 1-TP2RWG on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2010 by Greg Hynd

Hey all,


So I've been a long time user of Photoworks, and am now adjsuting to Photoview and there are some parts I am having trouble with.


First, if I create a camera in the SW environment, how do I get to use it in PV?  If that isn't possible, how do I create a camera in PV that has the same control parameters as in SW.


Second, is there a difference (in quality, or otherwise) between applying appearance in SW vs. PV?  I find there is much more control over the materials in SW.


I'm sure there will be more 'issues' as I come across them, but these seem to be the more immediate stumbling blocks for me.


Thanks Y'all.