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Standard Libraries/Toolbox - changing server scenario.

Question asked by Jack Parlane on Nov 4, 2010

Hi there guys,


So i've successfully implemented PDM on our current server and being playing about with some dummy projects/scenarios and all seems to be well however i have a slight reservation about committing to transferring over our projects as there's a potential we'll be switching servers/IT support soon as our current supplier isnt very well i'll put it politely..."helpful".


So my question/scenario is, say i'm to update PDM with some of our projects but in a couple of months time we switch server, which has a new file structure and folder layout to before. I understand relocating the VaultData is simple enough but what i'm worried about is the relocation of standard library folders and toolbox components which are located on the server also and it is likely that these folders may end up in a different directory on the new server). Surely all references will now be broken? so when it comes to that first check out from the vault it'll be missing these components?  Is there any way to avoid this or a good practice i should follow?


Any help is much appreciated, most likely i'll just wait until the new server is in place but as it stands that might not be for a while so some piece of mind would be nice.


Kind Regards,