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Shell Extension Error

Question asked by Rich Schneider on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2010 by Rich Schneider

Okay, crew, I fear what the answer is but just want to check.  Win 7 64-bit machine,  SW 2010 SP3 with EPDM, and whenever I go to attach a file to an e-mail (using Google online mail), I get numerous windows like this popping up when Windows Explorer comes to a directory with SW files.  Other than clicking "don't ask me again" (actually not sure if I tried it, but really don't want to compromise security if given the option), does anyone have any idea on how to keep this from happening?  I've searched the forums on "shell extension", it sure seems like this has cropped up in past SW versions and different operating systems.  Probably linked to using thumbnails??  Probably linked to a security disclaimer and just going to have to check the box?