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Save PDF in the Vault with Revision and State

Question asked by Pontus Forsman on Nov 4, 2010

Hi, I feel that I first have to say that I'm a beginner on writing codes for Enterprise.

But what now have is a code in a Task script the converts a drawing to a PDF but the revision is none and the state is "Under Editing". How do I do to give the right revision and state to the PDF file? I don't use the convert Task because I need the Task to make a lot of other things to.


Here is the part of my code the saves the PDF:


convFileNameTemp = "C:\_Cellmax\Product Documentation\Design\pdf\" & docConvFileName & swDocRev & swDocDesc & ".pdf"
longstatus = Part.SaveAs3(convFileNameTemp, 0, 0)


If anyone know how to do it, I would be very happy to get a sample code that solves this.