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Parts being saved as blank files from assembly

Question asked by Jonathan Tulley on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2010 by Michael Duncan


I have a small assembly of around 30 parts and I have come across a problem where the assembly appears to be effectively deleting the parts when I open the assembly.


When I'm working on the assembly I can open all the parts and edit them etc. If I then close the assembly and reopen it at a later stage sw will throw up warnings relating to mates that cannot be resolved, and this is because for some components the part geometry no longer exists. The part files are present and can be opened but are just blank, no part and nothing in the feature manager tree.


If I ensure that the parts are already open in sw before opening the assembly then the problem does not seem to arise.


The issue only seems to affect specific parts.


Has anyone come across this issue or have any suggestions as to possible solutions ?