Charles Culp

New Surface Extrude from a Face

Discussion created by Charles Culp on Nov 3, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2010 by Matthew Perez

I am a little disappointed in the UI for the new surface extrude from a face option for extruding from a surface.


I tried using it tonight for the first time, and I had to look up both the help file and the What's New, and still couldn't figure it out inherently. I had to infer what was going on, and then confirm it by opening up the sample file referenced in the What's New PDF. That's an awful lot of hunting and a steep learning curve for what you would think is a simple tool.


What I tried first:

1. I created a curvy shape.


2. I created a sketch on a plane that was somewhat tangent to the curvy surface.


3. I tried to extrude that shape out of the surface using the new "from a face" option.


It turns out you can't. You have to first create the split line on the surface. First, this is never pointed out in any of the helps or What's New. You need to explicitly state that the new tool requires a split line.


More importantly, all the other extrudes, cuts, trims, etc, can work off of just a sketch. Why can I not select a sketch (the sketch that would be used for the split line), and then select a face that is not yet "split" and use that? It just makes much more sense to me.