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    New Surface Extrude from a Face

    Charles Culp

      I am a little disappointed in the UI for the new surface extrude from a face option for extruding from a surface.


      I tried using it tonight for the first time, and I had to look up both the help file and the What's New, and still couldn't figure it out inherently. I had to infer what was going on, and then confirm it by opening up the sample file referenced in the What's New PDF. That's an awful lot of hunting and a steep learning curve for what you would think is a simple tool.


      What I tried first:

      1. I created a curvy shape.


      2. I created a sketch on a plane that was somewhat tangent to the curvy surface.


      3. I tried to extrude that shape out of the surface using the new "from a face" option.


      It turns out you can't. You have to first create the split line on the surface. First, this is never pointed out in any of the helps or What's New. You need to explicitly state that the new tool requires a split line.


      More importantly, all the other extrudes, cuts, trims, etc, can work off of just a sketch. Why can I not select a sketch (the sketch that would be used for the split line), and then select a face that is not yet "split" and use that? It just makes much more sense to me.

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          Charles Culp

          Also, if you extrude in two directions, and cap both ends, it turns it into a solid body. Why does it do that?

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            Matt Lombard

            And that's besides the fact that you can make the same kind of surface, among many others, with the Ruled surface. Why don't they add the cool features of this (cap and remove faces) to the regular sketched surface extrude and be done with it?

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              Jerry Steiger



              Thanks for posting this. I went to a SW 2011 Introduction on Tuesday and thought this might be a helpful new addition. I'm a bit disappointed to see that the user interface is down to the usual surfacing standard, but at least I will have a head start on it the first time I try it out. I sure wish the guys in Concord would listen to you and Matt!


              Jerry Steiger

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                Matthew Perez

                Charles I dont have 2011.  What exactly did they change from 2010 in the interface that causes the problems.

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                    Charles Culp



                    They added the "surface-extrude from surface" command. This allows you to take an existing surface, and "push" out a shape. The end result can be similar to a solid extrude, except it is still a surface body.


                    It is described more in this help file, although the "What's New for 2011" PDF shows a better example:



                    Like the hole wizard works by selecting a flat plane or a 3D sketch, this tool requires the correct pre-selection to decide whether to be a regular sketch extrusion, or a "from surface" extrusion. If you don't pre-select anything, it will prompt you to either select a plane, flat face, or sketch (for a normal extrusion), or to select an existing surface (or alt-click for a flat face) to use the new tool. It has a different PropertyManager, that has you select faces, instead of a sketch driver.


                    As Matt mentioned, this has a few issues:

                    1. Without the cap end and delete original face option (I don't have it open, it is called something like that), the same functionality already exists within the ruled surface command. You do get end constraints, and that is something that ruled surface doesn't include.

                    2. So the real benefits are the delete original face and capped end. It is also a bit more intuitive for people not familiar with ruled surface. The example in the What's New PDF is cleats on the sole of a football shoe, which seems like a good application.

                    3. But the big issue, as I stated above, is that the tool only works on exisiting geometry, and doesn't work with a sketch as the parameter for the extrusion. So when you use the "from 2D or 3D surface" option, it requires that you have already defined the edges of the area that you want extruded. This would typically be done with a split line tool. This is completely different than any other extrusion tool in SolidWorks, which all start with sketches as the definition for the extrusion.


                    What would I prefer to have seen? The same interface for all surface extrudes. We already have a way to select the "from surface" command with a regular surface extrude. How about we just add the "delete original face" as a checkbox there? They have also added the "cap end" to all surface extrudes.


                    I realize that there may be nuances that I missed that make my example impossible to code, these are just my observations from the outside. After you learn how to use the tool my gripes are mostly irrelevant, it is just confusing.